The Aga Khan Lycée, Khorog

Interview with Fotima Safaralibekova: Back to school with a passion to teach

12 January 2022

Fotima Safaralibekova, a Class of 2016 alumna from the Aga Khan Lycée (AKL), Khorog who became a chemistry teacher at the school in 2020, reflects on her time as a student at AKL, Khorog.

Upon graduating from AKL, Khorog, Fotima went to the Russian-Tajik Slavonic University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry. In addition to teaching at AKL, Khorog, Fotima is pursuing a Master of Arts in ecology at the Institute of Biology of Pamirs. 

Why did you decide to become a teacher at AKL, Khorog?
I remember having a meeting with the school director before graduating from AKL, Khorog. She asked me about my career choices, and I said I wanted to be a teacher, to which she agreed and said, “Wonderful, we will be expecting you back here soon, Fotima!” It then hit me that my dream could become a reality, so I made it a goal of mine; I promised myself to uphold my passion for teaching. 

How did AKL, Khorog help you realise that you wanted to become a teacher?
I liked observing the teachers – their methods of teaching, the gestures they made and the way they knew how to pronounce everything was very interesting to me. Not only was I learning about the subjects I was taking, but also how to teach. This all continues to help me as a teacher at AKL, Khorog. 

As an alumna of AKL, Khorog, how is your relationship with your students?
As there’s a small age gap between the older students and me, I feel we can collaborate and communicate with each other smoothly. The students and I are able to relate to each other, and I feel highly respected by all of my students. However, I also feel that my take on teaching is valued by other teachers at AKL, Khorog who are senior to me; we are constantly striving to improve the curriculum to keep up with all the rapid changes in science, technology and more, so our graduates receive admission offers from accredited universities. 

  • Fotima Safaralibekova, Class of 2016 from AKL, Khorog, second to right, with her students in a chemistry lesson