The Aga Khan Lycée follows the Tajik National State Curriculum for students in Grades 0 to 11.

The curriculum is offered in three languages of instruction or streams, which include English, Russian and Tajik, chosen by families during the admissions process in Grade 0. Each of these language streams, offer two additional language subjects to promote multi-lingual fluency, including, the teaching of the Tajik language, thereby cultivating knowledge and appreciation of the country’s rich history, literature and heritage.

Moreover, the curriculum focuses on approaches that foster engagement and critical thinking skills while also developing creativity and problem-solving abilities. The National Curriculum is also supplemented with international content standards and skills, including ICT subjects to ensure that graduates are prepared equitably with students from other competitive nations.

The following subjects are taught:

  • Tajik language and literature
  • English Language
  • Russian Language
  • Mathematics
  • The Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Social Studies (Geography, History and Law)
  • Economics
  • Physical Education
  • Arts
  • Design and wood working
  • Home Economics

In addition, the Lycée enriches the curriculum with additional lessons, quality spaces and resources such as Science and Computer labs and the Learning Resource Centre, as well as conducive class sizes that promote both independent and small group learning, and facilitate deeper study and research skills.

Outside the classroom, camps and clubs at the Lycée help students to develop leadership, learning and life-skills, in addition to a sense of social responsibility in areas such as computer coding and technology, theatre, dance, sports, business, English language, mathematics, media and student government.

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