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Celebrating impressive IGCSE results at the Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Dar es Salaam

01 September 2023

Grade 11 students at the Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School (AKMSS), Dar es Salaam received remarkable International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) results this week, exhibiting outstanding academic prowess. The phenomenal results highlighted the students’ exceptional perseverance, passion and hard work towards their academic goals.

Celebrating impressive IGCSE results at the Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Dar es Salaam Celebrating impressive IGCSE results at the Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Dar es Salaam
This year, the students received 149 A*’s and A’s as well as 139 B’s across different subjects. Additionally, the average score for all subjects this year surpassed the score of the last two years. 

"Through determination, dedication and a commitment to excellence, these outstanding IGCSE results are a testament to the limitless potential within each student," IGCSE Coordinator Sakshi Gosh said. 

The school would like to acknowledge the students’ dedication, as well as the endless synergistic collaboration of the administration team, teachers and support staff throughout the students’ academic journey. The school also extends a heartfelt thank you to the students’ parents and guardians for their support towards the students and the AKMSS, Dar es Salaam community. 

“I am thrilled to announce that our students' outstanding IGCSE results reflect their dedication and the unwavering support of our dedicated educators,” said Head of School for the International Curricula Dr Arunananda Murkherjee. “Our students' achievements make us immensely proud and highlight our collective commitment to excellence in education. Congratulations to all!”  

The top scorer of the cohort – Prakrithi Grandhi, who is currently pursuing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) at the school – highlighted the significant support of the school’s staff in her academic journey. 

"I have not made it this far by myself,” Prakrithi said. “The teachers and staff of AKMSS, Dar es Salaam have always guided me and been by my side. All the piles of worksheets and countless extra classes after school truly pushed me towards success.” 

Another student from the cohort, Delbert Ipilinga, also expressed his gratitude to the school for its continued support and guidance.  

"I give all thanks to the school for awarding me with this award and, most importantly, in guiding me as I finished the IGCSE curriculum with flying stars,” Delbert said, who is also a recipient of the school’s new scholarship programme for IB DP students. “The teachers, head of school, CEO and staff of the school have supported me all through my academics and co-curricular activities, and never let me miss out on big opportunities. The support is truly honoured and helps me continue striving for success and pursue great things in the future." 

The Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Dar es Salaam congratulates all its students who underwent the IGCSE and wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavours.  

Photos (top to bottom):
  • IGCSE Class of 2023.
  • Top scorer Prakrithi Grandhi and her family.
  • Scholarship winner Delbert Ipilinga.