The Aga Khan Nursery and Primary School,
Dar es Salaam

The Aga Khan Nursery and Primary School is authorized to implement the PYP Programme
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About Us

Welcome to the Aga Khan Nursery and Primary School. Our aim is to provide our students with well-rounded education which allows children to discover and nurture their creativity and develop into independent critical thinkers with a love for lifelong learning.

The Aga Khan Nursery and Primary School offers an engaging, quality curriculum through the Pre-School Programme (ages 2-3) and the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Kindergarten 1 to Grade 6 (ages 3-12). The School is authorized by IB for the PYP, whose philosophy provides a framework for educating our students to meet the challenges of the 21st century and supporting their growth as productive, insightful, responsible and compassionate citizens in our global society. It focuses on developing independent, skilled learners through an inquiry-based approach that reflects a unique global perspective. Even though our curriculum is based on the IB-PYP, compatibility has been ensured with the National Curriculum of Tanzania and the Tanzanian culture. AKNPS occupies a spacious, well-maintained campus which includes facilities for indoor and outdoor sports, art, music and ICT.

Our school's mission and philosophy are aligned with that of the IB programme by valuing education that goes beyond academic development. The IB PYP approach provides a framework for educating our students to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. Through the PYP, our students grow to become productive, insightful, responsible and compassionate citizens in our global society. The Primary Years Programme (PYP) at the AKNPS - through structured and purposeful inquiry - aims to develop students in the acquisition of knowledge and skills, the development of conceptual understanding, the ability to value and demonstrate positive attitudes, and the capability to take action directed by informed choices.

At AKNPS we strongly believe that education is a three-way partnership between Students, Teachers and Parents, each playing an equally important role.

History of Aga Khan Education Service, Tanzania (AKES,T)

The origins of the Aga Khan schools in Tanzania go back to the 19th century when a girls' school was started by the Ismaili community in Zanzibar under the guidance of the present Aga Khan’s grandfather and predecessor, Sir Sultan Mahomed Shah Aga Khan.

By 1954 there were over 50 schools throughout Tanzania. Premises were generally custom-built and included laboratories, libraries and playgrounds. Although initially mainly patronized by Ismailis, the schools were the first to open their doors to people of all races and faiths. In pre-independence East Africa, the phenomenon was not merely innovative, it was little short of original.

In Tanzania, all aspects of educational activities of non-Governmental schools, other than their land and buildings, were nationalised in 1967. This did not effect the pre-school nurseries, which continued to operate under the control of the Aga Khan Education Service.

The Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School was built in 1967 in response to the closure of the schools. It was the first private secondary school to be established in Tanzania after the Arusha Declaration.

AKMSS has, since the 1980s, been at the forefront of educational innovation in Dar es Salaam and was one of the first schools to introduce inquiry-based learning methodologies and to integrate IT into all aspects of school life.

In 1993 the Aga Khan Primary School in Dar es Salaam opened and became the first English-medium primary school for local students in the country.