The Aga Khan Schools in Tanzania

Aga Khan Education Service, Tanzania hosts IC3 Regional Forum

18 March 2024

On 8 March 2024, the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES), Tanzania hosted the IC3 Regional Forum which promotes best practices in career and college counselling, professional development for school counsellors and new opportunities for educators in the region.

Aga Khan Education Service, Tanzania hosts IC3 Regional Forum Aga Khan Education Service, Tanzania hosts IC3 Regional Forum Aga Khan Education Service, Tanzania hosts IC3 Regional Forum
The International Career and College Counselling (IC3) Movement aims to empower high schools to run a robust and fully functional career counselling department which can help learners make the right education and career-related decisions. Currently with over 1,000 dedicated IC3 leaders and advocates globally, the movement assists young people worldwide in discovering career paths through education, leading to fulfilling and successful lives. Additionally, the movement focuses on elevating the profession of career counselling therefore sensitising educators to the importance of the department. 

The day-long event was part of a series of over 30 professional development fora held annually around the world. The event, hosted in Dar es Salaam, consisted of sessions on counselling best practices; networking opportunities to strengthen the education community; methods for integrating counselling into the academic curriculum and calendar; and building relationships with universities for students’ best-fit higher education choices.  

During the forum, students and parents also participated in a university fair featuring 15 institutions, including renowned national and international universities from across the United Kingdom, United States, China, Canada, India and more. This not only acted as an opportunity for them to interact with university admission representatives to understand new-age career choices that exist, but also for the school counsellors and educators to network with the university representatives to strengthen their relationships and offer future opportunities for students.  

CEO of AKES, Tanzania Dr Shelina Walli conveyed her enthusiasm and gratitude for the opportunity to host such a prestigious event and its impact on the community. 

“It was a great platform for empowering all academic staff; working closely with career counsellors will enable us to be mindful of the importance of lifelong learning,” she said. “The world is constantly evolving and so must we. Whether through formal education, on-the-job training or self-directed exploration, the quest for knowledge must be perpetual.” 

Students also expressed their excitement for learning about the opportunities available to them for their future outside of school. 

“It was a wonderful opportunity and an eye-opening experience into the world of teachers for being chosen in the panel discussion,” said Nidhi Vijay Kumar, one of the speakers in the forum’s panel discussion and a Diploma Programme (DP) 2 student at the Aga Khan Mzizima Secondary School, Dar es Salaam. “Being alongside Professor Goyal, Dr Shelina and Ms Joyce Muthoni was so insightful, and I would definitely jump at the opportunity again.” 

"Witnessing prominent universities participate in the showcase was not only exciting but also illuminating, showing a wide range of academic opportunities for us,” said Grayson Mndeme and Aravind Ragavendran, two DP2 students. “The event helped and will help us make connections and explore unlimited opportunities for our academic and personal development.” 

Photos (top to bottom):
  • A group picture of students, staff and the senior leadership team at AKES, Tanzania with members of the IC3 and other participants.
  • DP1 and DP2 student hosts for the panels.
  • Educators and school counsellors taking part in one of the sessions. 
  • CEO Shelina Walli and DP2 student Nidhi Vijay Kumar on a panel.