The Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad


Facilities available at the Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad.

Computer-Aided Learning (CAL)

Online theme-based videos are shown to the Primary children to enhance their learning of all subjects.

We also have the Waterford Early Reading Programme, a US-based software:

  • For Nursery to Grade IV
  • English Language learning through internationally acclaimed program - Waterford
  • Development of reading skills from beginner to fluent reading
  • Animated rhymes, books and activities to deepen comprehension
  • Excellent comprehension strategies to sharpen reading and thinking skills
  • Contributes to develop communication skills (focusing on listening and reading).

Read for Children Programme

We introduce our children to a world of reading and imagination:

  • For 0 – 8 years of age
  • Age appropriate books to promote reading skills in pre-primary
  • Books on various themes to cover various aspects of overall child development
  • Inbuilt strategies to develop love for reading at pre-primary level
  • Active participation of parents to enhance parent-child bonding

Toy Library

A collection of toys are available at school for pre-primary children. IF the child and the parent is interested, the toys can be taken home, played with and brought back to school the next day:

  • For 0 – 5 years of age
  • Strategies to promote “Play” during early years
  • Age appropriate toys to promote developmental milestones
  • Active parent participation to enhance Language, Reasoning, Social, Emotional and Physical development.

Special education team

A team of two special educators, a school counselor and two teachers work intensively with students with learning difficulties and implement individual interventions to improve their learning throughout the year. The team works in collaboration with parents and teachers.

Library facility

The library is a centre of academic and intellectual development for staff and students. A fully furnished, well-stocked library contains over 7000 books on diverse subjects including science, humanities, commerce, management and religion.

Teachers Resource Centre

This facility is available to the teaching staff to enhance their learning and update their knowledge through relevant resources like reference books, magazines and audio visual aids.

Audio-Visual Room

The Audio-Visual Room is equipped with a television, tape-recorder, over-head projector, computer and LCD Projector. To make teaching more interesting and engaging, teachers use these facilities to deliver lessons, conduct discussions, engage students in group activities and screen educational films.


A large, multi-purpose playground provides ample opportunities for team games and physical training.

Computer Lab

The internet-enabled computer lab is designed to meet the child's technology needs. Trained and experienced teachers provide both theoretical and practical lessons for students to help them navigate through a rapidly changing and technology-driven world.

Science Lab

Since hands-on experience is at the heart of science teaching, the Science Lab is equipped with all the necessary resources required for the various demonstrations and experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. All necessary safety precautions have also been taken.

Professional Development of Teachers

If a school's most important asset is its teaching force, then the most rewarding investment a school can make is in ensuring that teachers continue to learn.

Professional development is therefore a continuous process of individual and collective improvement of knowledge and practice. It empowers individual educators and communities of educators to make complex decisions; to identify and solve problems; and to connect theory, practice and student outcomes. It also enables teachers to offer students the learning opportunities that will prepare them to meet world-class standards.