The Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad


Teaching and Learning

Two Dedicated Campus
Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad (DJHSH), operates from two separate campuses in well-renowned neighbourhoods of Hyderabad. The pre-primary and primary campus is on Nampally Station Road and the secondary campus is on Chirag Ali Lane.

School Library
DJHSH has a library for its secondary students, which has a vast collection of over 5,000 books and periodicals. Students are encouraged to spend time in the library during their breaks and free periods. The librarian, along with teachers, conducts various language development activities to enhance students’ vocabulary and comprehension.

School Library
DJHSH has a library for its secondary students, which has a vast collection of over 5,000 books and periodicals. Students are encouraged to spend time in the library during their breaks and free periods. The librarian, along with teachers, conducts various language development activities to enhance students’ vocabulary and comprehension.

DHJSH has libraries in each classroom for its primary and pre-primary students. The pre-primary section also has a toy library where parents can borrow toys to take home every week.

Computer Laboratory
DJHSH has a state of the art laboratory to encourage students to advance their computer skills, using a host of integral tools under the guidance of an experienced mentor. All of the computers are equipped with updated software and advanced technical aids to learn coding, programming and robotics.

Science Laboratories
DJHSH has a well-equipped science laboratory for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Science teachers, along with the laboratory assistant, plan various demonstrations and experiments to ignite the students’ curiosity and interest. Students are taught to handle complex lab equipment to enable them to conduct experiments under the supervision of their trained teachers.

AV Rooms
In addition to the computer laboratory, DJHSH has dedicated rooms equipped with audio visual aids. Teachers have additional access to portable DLPs and audio-visual systems that can be taken from one class to another.

Teacher Resource Centre
The Teacher Resource Centre (TRC) is a large, well-equipped, air-conditioned room with internet connectivity, and is equipped with the latest computers and teaching resources, as well as a projector and screen. It is used for weekly co-ordination meetings, training programmes and lectures for and by the teachers.

Health and Wellness

Wellness Room
The school has a well-equipped wellness room to take care of any medical emergencies. DHJSH is also linked to the Aga Khan Health Center for medical emergencies and annual health screening tests that monitor the health parameters of the students and staff. The school also conducts regular first aid training programs for teachers and support staff.

Sports and Arts

Sport Facilities
DHJSH has access to nearby municipal playground for outdoor activities. Students participate and are coached in both indoor and outdoor sport activities, including karate, yoga, kho-kho, cricket and football.. The school hosts regular sports competitions for students and encourages every child to specialise in at least one sport.

Art Room
Both primary and secondary students can explore their creativity and self-expression through arts and crafts. Each classroom has a display of student artwork, reflecting human emotions, individual styles and techniques.

Meetings and Recreation

Multipurpose Hall
The multipurpose hall is spacious and air-conditioned, with an adjustable stage and sound system, and accommodates 300 people. The hall is used for large group meetings, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, teacher training, school functions, indoor sports, games and board exams. The hall is also equipped for students to play volleyball, basketball and badminton.

Special Education and Counselling

Counselling Support
At DJHSH, we believe that emotional development is crucial to help students engage with the world. A team of counsellors work individually and in groups, with students from Nursery to Grade 10, and provide support for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Sessions on life skills including safety, team work, leadership, self-esteem, coping with negative emotions and dealing with exam pressure, are provided for all students.

Student Welfare
Our students come from various economic, social and academic backgrounds. As such, DJHSH has a wide range of interventions to cater to the individual needs of our students, including the Bridge Programme, the Remedial Programme, the Special Educator Program, the Mathematics Fundamental Training Programme, student/parent counselling and the Student Adoption Programme. DJHSH is the only school in the Nampally District that has a full time school counsellor, special educators and a member of staff responsible for student welfare. The school counsellor supports students who are experiencing emotional or learning needs and provides support when students face behavioural or mental health difficulties. Counselling is designed to enable wellbeing, help students develop socially in order to benefit student behaviour, attendance, and facilitate student achievement. The member of staff responsible for student welfare supports student conduct and follows up with their parents.

The Special Education Department
The Special Education Department consists of three trained special educators. They work to create informal assessments, individual education programmes and conduct remedial education for students with additional needs. They conduct screening tests to identify students that may require extra support. When required, students can attend various external assessment centres for a formal diagnosis. Both students and parents are given guidance on how to set goals and manage the students’ socio-emotional and learning needs.

Remedial Programme and Extra Assistance
Remedial interventions focus on building the student’s strengths, providing scaffolds during classroom activities to address gaps and supporting the student’s performance. Special educators also conduct regular workshops and webinars for other teachers and parents to disseminate knowledge and share useful strategies to create an inclusive environment at home and at school.

Teachers are always available to support students with any worries they may have, inside and outside the classroom. They talk to them before and after classes, and carry out group and individual remediation. Remedial coaching is also built into the regular school timetable based on the needs of individual students.

Bridge Courses to Overcome Gaps
Due to different learning experiences and backgrounds, our bridge courses have been designed to help students improve in subjects such as Telugu for non-Telugu speaking students, English and Mathematics.

Special Needs Programme
DJHSH believes that all students should have equal opportunities to learn and succeed. A team of educators and counsellors caters to both the emotional and learning needs of children with special needs. Using individualised educational programmes (IEPs), resources and strategies, the team works together to help students to independently deal with the world around them. These educators and counsellors are determined to provide the students with a safe and supportive environment.