The Diamond Jubilee High School, Mumbai



School Library
DJHSM has two separate libraries which serve the Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary sections. The libraries have a vast collection of over 8,000 books and periodicals. Students can borrow library books during the library period, and are encouraged to spend time in the library during breaks and free periods. The librarian along with the teachers conduct various language development activities to enhance students' vocabulary and comprehension of the language.

Computer Laboratories
DJHSM's state of the art computer laboratory supports students with developing advanced computer skills. Students are introduced to a host of digital tools assisting the overall learning process under the guidance of an experienced mentor. All computers are equipped with updated software and advanced technical aids to learn coding, programming as well as robotics.

Science Laboratories
DJHSM has three well-equipped science laboratories for Physics, Biology and Chemistry. Science teachers, along with the lab assistant, plan various demonstrations and experiments to ignite students' curiosity and inculcate an interest in science. Students are taught to handle complex lab equipment to enable them to conduct experiments under the supervision of trained teachers.

The Language Room
DJHSM's language room is a space designed for students to strengthen their knowledge of the English language through games and puzzles. Teachers use this room to create language and literature teaching-learning materials for their classes. This is also utilised by the in-house Editorial Team to brainstorm and create content for the annual school magazine ‘Hope'. In addition, students use this space to prepare for the language-based interschool competitions.

AV Rooms
DJHSM has dedicated AV rooms, in addition to the Computer Laboratory, which are equipped with audio visual aids for the teachers to conduct classes. Teachers also have access to portable DLP's and audio-visual systems that can be taken from one classroom to another.

Teacher Resource Centre
The Teacher Resource Centre (TRC) is a large, well equipped, air-conditioned room with internet connectivity. It is equipped with the latest computers, teaching resources, a projector and screen, and is used for weekly coordination meetings, training programmes and lectures.

Health and Wellness

Wellness Room
DJHSM has a well-equipped wellness room to take care of any medical emergencies. The wellness room is staffed by a registered nurse, who arranges annual health screening tests to monitor the health parameters of the students and staff. The school also conducts regular first aid training programs for teachers and support staff.

Multi-Purpose Dual Level Gym and Yoga Room
A well-equipped gym room complements the PE Department's ‘Get Fit, Stay Fit' mantra. The gym is popular with the older students and staff members who work out there regularly. The large yoga room is complete with a wall-to-wall rubberised yoga mat.

Sports and Arts

Sport Facilities
DJHSM has a well-maintained modern sports facility promoting indoor as well as outdoor sports activities. Sports such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, badminton and squash are played in the outdoor space. In the indoor space, recreational activities such as yoga, fitness, gymnastics, karate, board games and much more are practiced to enhance students' cognitive and social skills.

Art Room
DJHSM has a special room dedicated to creative minds and art lovers. This is a vibrant space loved by every student and teacher. Here, the secondary grade students explore their creativity and self-expression. The art room is a visual treat with various student artwork which reflects diverse human emotions, individual styles and techniques. The art teachers use this space to conduct art classes, guide and prepare students for their Elementary and Intermediate Exams.

Meetings and Recreation

Multipurpose Hall
The spacious and air-conditioned multipurpose hall with an adjustable stage and sound system accommodates 300 people. The hall is used for large group meetings, PTA meetings, teacher training, school functions, indoor sports, games as well as board exams. The hall is equipped for students to play volleyball, basketball and badminton.

Special Education and Counselling

Counselling Support
At DJHSM we believe a student's emotional development is critical for them to engage with the world. We have a team of counsellors that work individually and in groups, counselling targeted students from Nursery to Grade X. They provide support to children with emotional and behavioural issues. Both teachers and parents are guided to support the child in an adequate manner. Life Skills sessions are conducted across the grades to enhance the skills of safety, team work and leadership skills, self-esteem, coping with negative emotions, dealing with exam pressure and much more.

The Special Education Department
The Special education departments consists of three trained special educators. They work to create informal assessments, Individual Education Programs and conduct remedial education for students with special needs. They conduct screening tests in various grades to identify students that may have additional needs. They also guide parents to set realistic goals to manage their children's socio-emotional and academic needs.

When required, students with difficulties are guided to various assessment centres for a formal diagnosis. Both students and parents are supported to develop an understanding of how to manage any additional needs. They are also guided to assessment centres for formal certification of a learning disability, to avail concessions in the school exams as well as the 9th and 10th grade board exams.

Remedial interventions focus on building the child's strengths, providing further support during classroom activities to fill the gaps and supporting the student to perform effectively in their perceptual, academic, planning, organizational and study skills.

Special educators also conduct regular workshops and webinars for other teachers and parents to disseminate knowledge and share useful strategies to create an inclusive environment at home and at school. The school's special educators and counsellors are determined to provide students with a safe and supportive environment.