The Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal


School Infrastructure

The facilities at the Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal (PJHSW), are safe, fit for purpose, conducive to learning and aesthetically pleasing. With modern infrastructure and a purpose-built school, PJHSW is spread across four acres and has external spaces that can be used for physical, recreational, social and educational activities. The school campus is Wi-Fi enabled and under 24/7 CCTV surveillance.

Digital Infrastructure

Together with computer laboratories, AV Rooms and the Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL), PJHSW connects with parents using TENO. TENO is an online portal that is available 24 hours a day and keeps parents up to date with their children’s activities and progress and in touch with teachers.

Teaching and Learning

School Library
PJHSW has a well-maintained library for its Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary sections, and has a vast collection of over 9,000 books and periodicals. Students are encouraged to spend time in the library during their breaks and free periods. The librarian, along with teachers, conducts various language development activities to enhance students’ vocabulary and comprehension.

Computer Laboratories
PJHSW has a state of the art computer laboratory to encourage students to advance their computer skills, using a host of integral tools under the guidance of an experienced mentor. All of the computers are equipped with updated software and advanced technical aids for students to learn coding, programming and robotics.

Science Laboratories
PJHSW has three well-equipped science laboratories for physics, biology and chemistry. Science teachers, along with the laboratory assistant, plan various demonstrations and experiments to ignite students’ curiosity and interest. Students are taught to handle complex lab equipment to enable them to conduct experiments under the supervision of their trained teachers.

Atal Tinkering Lab
PJHSW is the first school in Warangal to establish the ATL, a Central Government of India initiative to encourage scientific thinking, innovation and creativity among students. In the ATL, students are given hands-on experience working with basic electronics, such as Arduino boards, printed circuit boards, microcontrollers, sensors, actuators and fundamental mechanical tools and kits. Students are also taught how to use Raspberry Pi, Python coding and Scratch to develop their own digital gaming applications.

PJHSW students participated in the Interschool ATL Fest 2019, which engaged with more than 300 students from 22 schools and eight different districts and featured an exhibition of students’ projects. During the Interschool ATL Fest 2019, PJHSW students:

  • Participated in seminars on AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics at Technozion, the three day annual tech fest organised at the National Institute of Technology (NIT) Warangal.
  • Presented two inventions - a humanoid robot and a motion detection rover - to engineering students at the Raspberry Pi JAM event at the SR Innovation Exchange and Incubation Centre.

PJHSW was selected as the ATL School of the Month five times within 10 months of launching the ATL.

The Language Room
The Language Room is a space designed for students to strengthen their knowledge through games and puzzles. Teachers create language and literature resources for their language classes here and students use this space to prepare for language-based interschool competitions.

AV Rooms
In addition to the computer laboratory, PJHSW has dedicated rooms equipped with audio visual aids. Teachers have additional access to portable DLPs and audio-visual systems that can be taken from one class to another.

Teacher Resource Centre
The Teacher Resource Centre (TRC) is a large, well-equipped, air-conditioned room with internet connectivity, and is equipped with computers and teaching resources, as well as a projector and screen. It is used for weekly co-ordination meetings, training programmes and lectures for and by the teachers.

Health and Wellness

Wellness Room
The school has a well-equipped wellness room to take care of any medical emergencies. PJHSW also conducts regular first aid training programmes for teachers and support staff.

Sports and Arts

Sport Facilities
PJHSW has a well-maintained modern sports facility promoting indoor and outdoor sports activities. Sports such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, badminton and squash are played in the outdoor space. In the indoor space, recreational activities such as yoga, fitness, board games and much more are practiced to help students to enhance their cognitive and social skills.

Art Room
The art room is a special place for art lovers. Here, secondary students are able to explore their creativity and self-expression, reflecting diverse human emotions, individual styles and techniques. It is a vibrant space loved by every student and teacher.

Meetings and Recreation

Multipurpose Open Area
The spacious, multipurpose open area is used for large group meetings, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings, teacher training, school functions, indoor sports, games and board exams. It is also equipped for students to play volleyball, basketball and badminton.