Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit


Established in 1998, the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School (AKHSS), Gilgit is a premier educational institution for boys, offering classes from grade VIII to XII. The spacious campus with adjoining sports grounds is purpose-built, and is surrounded by beautiful mountains.

In the 18 years since its establishment, around 1,500 students have graduated from the School to study at leading national and international institutions.

Today, our alumni students are serving as doctors, nurses, engineers, managers, principals, teachers, entrepreneurs and officers in the Armed Forces.

AKHSS, Gilgit has a well-qualified and experienced faculty who each hold a Master’s degree from an accredited university. Many of the faculty members also have professional qualifications, such as B.Ed and M.Ed degrees from renowned institutions such as from the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development.

Subjects Offered in Secondary School Certificate

(Grade VIII to Grade X)

AKHSS, Gilgit offers Science Group in SSC.

Subjects Offered in Higher Secondary School Certificate

(Grades XI and XII)

AKHSS, Gilgit offers the following streams in HSSC:

  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Engineering

Professional Development

Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan is committed to providing support and facilitation through various interventions. The interventions are pre-service and in-service teacher professional development programmes.

Teacher Induction is a systematic support system for beginner teachers, focusing on improving effective instructional strategies to increase student achievement. The programme has a 20-hour face-to-face training module along with one-to-one support in the field.

The Summer and Winter Learning Programme is conducted in the vacations by the team leaders of each faculty. It includes face-to-face and online learning modules. The programme aims to deepen teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills in order to meet the needs of our students.

Ongoing support is a salient feature of the professional development programme. Support is provided by school-based Academic Coordinators and includes but is not limited to analysis of student work, co-planning, co-teaching, guidance through the evaluation system, assessing student performance, reflective practices, etc.

In addition, the Aga Khan Education Service, Pakistan regularly organises workshops and seminars for management and teaching staff according to identified needs. Topics include teaching methodology, classroom management and use of information technology in teaching.

Teachers are also nominated for courses conducted by various renowned organisations such as the Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED).

Staff appraisal or Teacher Performance Monitoring is an integral part of maintaining high-quality teaching in our schools. Aga Khan Schools follow an intensive appraisal system to monitor the progress of its faculty and staff. Staff appraisal takes place throughout the year. Based on the appraisals, the best teachers in the system are identified and appreciated each year.

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