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Aga Khan Primary School, Kampala achieve outstanding global ranking for Cambridge exams

25 September 2023

The students at the Aga Khan Primary School (AKPS), Kampala achieved results in the ‘outstanding’ performance band for their Cambridge Primary Checkpoint exams in April.

Aga Khan Primary School, Kampala achieve outstanding global ranking for Cambridge exams Aga Khan Primary School, Kampala achieve outstanding global ranking for Cambridge exams Aga Khan Primary School, Kampala achieve outstanding global ranking for Cambridge exams
Teachers and parents celebrated this achievement with the students at the Grade 6 graduation ceremony in September. During the ceremony, students received recognition for their hard work as well as the opportunity to spend time with peers and family. The ceremony also included speeches from Headteacher Mr Emmanuel Ndoori and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Aga Khan Education Service (AKES), Uganda Mr Mahmoud Sayani. 

“It’s motivating, it’s wonderful, it’s a reward for hard work,” Mr Ndoori said. “An achievement of set targets and a success for the entire school staff. This is a team effort, including students, parents and the entire AKES, Uganda.” 

The head teacher continued by emphasising how the results built the staff’s confidence and the importance of maintaining this performance.  

“As a school, such performance builds more confidence in the teaching staff; they get motivated, they get to know that they are able to interpret the syllabus content correctly and to a bigger extent they are using the right methods of teaching and learning,” he said. “As a school, we feel our team effort has been rewarded through the students’ performance, and every class should continue to do their best.” 

The global averages for English, mathematics and science were set at 33, 32 and 32, respectively. Whereas students at the school achieved average marks of 39 for English, 36 for mathematics and 43 for science, resulting in all Grade 6 students passing their exams.  

“In 2017, I initiated the Cambridge Primary Curriculum, and the attributes are being reflected in our students,” Mr Ndoori explained. “The Cambridge learner attributes are being confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged. These attributes are mirrored in the teaching-learning content and through learning approaches applied during the teaching-learning process.” 

Grade 6 student Emmanuel Jjemba shared his feelings on the class achievement and moving forward.  

“I feel a mix of emotions; proud, relieved and a bit nervous about high school,” he said. “It's a big step forward, but I'm confident that I can handle the challenges ahead.” 

Emmanuel mentioned his aspirations to become a bioengineer and thanked his teachers at AKPS, Kampala for their support. 

“The teachers were not only knowledgeable but also encouraging and ready to assist when I had questions.” 

Another student in the cohort, Serena Heather Amodo Ogwang achieved the highest mark in each subject and expressed how this achievement has helped her with her confidence.  

“This achievement made me courageous, even with being new, I managed to pass the Checkpoint exams,” she said. “With this new achievement, I believe that anyone can do anything as long as you focus and put the right things as a priority.” 

Serena also shared her aspirations to be an astronomer and revealed her excitement to start at the Aga Khan High School, Kampala.  

“I'm quite excited to be starting high school in hopes of expanding my understanding and having new experiences.” 

Photos (top to bottom):
  • Grade 6 students cutting a cake at the graduation ceremony.
  • Headteacher Mr Emmanuel Ndoori handing over the graduating Grade 6 class to Headteacher of the Aga Khan High School (AKHS), Kampala Mr Michael Musaazi.
  • CEO of AKES, Uganda Mr Mahmoud Sayani congratulating a high achiever. 
  • A graduating student giving a speech.