The Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad

Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad celebrates excellence and leadership

26 July 2023

The Diamond Jubilee High School (DJHS), Hyderabad hosted an investiture ceremony on 22 July to officially welcome students into the council body, demonstrating the school’s commitment to nurturing leadership and character.

Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad celebrates excellence and leadership
An investiture ceremony highlights leadership and responsibility. During the ceremony, students are honoured and entrusted with responsibility to lead and represent their peers. With its impressive and solemn atmosphere, the ceremony not only acknowledges but also fosters a sense of pride and duty among the recipients. 

The ceremony commenced with a guard of honour extended to welcome the chief guest, the Scientist In-charge and Quality Manager in the Forensics and Diagnostics division of the Genome Foundation Ms Gargi Deshmukh. Deputy Head Teacher of DJHS, Hyderabad Ms Thirumala Devi gave a warm welcome and expressed her gratitude to the chief guest and all the participants. After the speech, members of the student council were adorned with sashes and badges, signifying their designated roles. The badges were meticulously affixed to their uniforms, with this symbolic gesture marking the official transfer of authority and responsibility to the student leaders. 

A significant part of the ceremony involved student council members reciting an oath dedicated to leadership and responsibility. This act aimed to instil a sense of duty and commitment among the council members, motivating them to wholeheartedly fulfil their roles. Ms Deshmukh delivered an inspirational speech, highlighting the importance of leadership. Finally, the school head boy and head girl, the highest members of the student council, delivered insightful speeches on the essence of leadership and their aspirations for the school.  

"I'm honoured to have been chosen for this position, and I am determined to fulfil all my duties with the utmost dedication,” said newly appointed Assistant Head Boy Sayed Umar. “My aim is to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference."  

In essence, the investiture ceremony at the Diamond Jubilee High School, Hyderabad not only celebrated the democratic process of selecting student leaders but also highlighted the values of responsibility, integrity and service that are integral to effective leadership. 

Photos (top to bottom):
  • All students elected into the student council. 
  • The Deputy Head and Chief Guest congratulating students.