The Aga Khan Schools in India

Big Data Engineer receives a Real-World education

01 October 2017

Shashidhar Vugge, an alumnus of Platinum Jubilee High School, is a Big Data Engineer at The Bank of America in the USA. He says “The aim of the school was the overall development of each student – beyond the academics.”

Over the past years, Shashidhar has worked with companies such as JB Micro Inc & Wells Fargo. He studied at the PJHS, Warangal from 1988 to 2000 and attributes much of his success to the learning experiences he was offered at the school. We had the chance to speak with Mr Shashidhar Vugge to learn more.

We asked Shashidhar about his fondest memories as a child. He promptly said, “My school years at the Platinum Jubilee High School was one of the best phases of my life. While each teaching staff was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about teaching, they also maintained a friendly and approachable demeanour.”

Shashidhar expressed excitement while speaking about his experiences. He went on to say, ”I’m happy to see that PJHS, Warangal has remained as one of the oldest and best schools in Warangal. The aim of the school was the overall development of each student - beyond the academics. As students, we were encouraged to have a positive attitude, with increased confidence and vigour.”’

When we shared with him the news that the school is engaging in new educational interventions, such as developing new buildings and classes in robotics, and he was elated! He exclaimed, “the educational interventions undertaken by the school, along with the renewed infrastructure, ensure that the school is abreast with global standards of learning!”

While discussing the importance of good education, Shashidhar asserted, “Many schools only focus on the academic development of the students. However, PJHS also encourages students to participate in extra-curricular activities such as essay writing competitions, sports and various cultural activities at the inter-school and state levels, while still balancing the significance of academics. This enhanced my communication and interpersonal skills, and made me more competent relative to my peers from other schools; I was also able to secure a good job early on. All these factors not only enriched my life academically, but also prepared me for professional life.”

In terms of life-long impact, Shashidhar said his success is due to what his school instilled in him, primarily the ethics of hard work and the values of diversity and pluralism.

The Platinum Jubilee High School, Warangal (PJHS,W) was founded in 1953, as an English medium school and follows high standards of education. PJHS,W is a school managed by the Aga Khan Education Services, an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, which operates 200+ schools across Africa and Asia. Aga Khan Education Service, India manages eight schools, one residential hostel, 17 ECD centres and two Aga Khan Pre-Schools, in the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Telangana. It believes in enriching lives by providing quality education, which it has been doing since the inception of its first school in 1905 in Mundra, Gujarat.