Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Karachi


Computer Lab

The School has a well-resourced computer lab where the students can learn to use the various software applications, including email and the Internet.

A specially tailored instructional programme ensures the effective transmission of computer skills to students at all levels. Students are encouraged to include web-based research while presenting their projects and assignments.


There is a well-resourced library with books on various subjects. The School subscribes to more than 15 national and international periodicals, and provides an audio-visual room as well as internet.

Science Laboratories

The School has well-equipped labs for Chemistry, Physics and Biology where students learn through practical, hands-on experiments.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden at AKHSS, Karachi has an extensive variety of herbs and foliage maintained by the school's plantation society. With a greenhouse and a pond, it provides students with opportunities to observe a number of different species of plants and flowers.


Physical Education is an integral part of life at AKHSS, Karachi. The School offers a comprehensive programme of intra and inter-school sports activities, and participates in competitions held at inter-school, board, district and city levels. Qualified physical training instructors (male and female) supervise the trainings and regular sports periods are scheduled during the week.

AKHSS, Karachi has separate, well-maintained grounds for cricket, football, and hockey, as well as courts for throw ball, volleyball, and basketball. In addition, students are taken to a special AstroTurf ground for hockey practice.

The School also provides facilities for indoor games such as table tennis, chess and scrabble.

Health Care

The School has an Aga Khan University Hospital-trained nurse on campus. In addition to first aid, this facility allows care for minor ailments and emergencies. The nurse also conducts regular health awareness programmes for the students.


The School cafeteria offers a complete and wholesome experience in a café style seating arrangement.

It is a popular place for students to gather, not only to eat but also to prepare for a skit, celebrate a victory on the sports fields, or relax after a rigorous session of studies.

Internship Programme

To enable students to explore different career paths, and gain perspective on the selection of academic programmes, internship opportunities are provided by the school.

Our Student Affairs and Career Advisory Unit assists students in identifying and securing internships that match their career needs and goals. The programme helps students gain valuable experience and establish professional relationships that are important in securing employment after graduation.

Non-Formal Education Programmes

Non-Formal Education Programmes (NFEPs) are run by the Student Affairs Department. NFEPs help students achieve success in their respective careers.

The following courses are offered to students under NFEPs:

  • SAT
  • Admission test preparatory classes
  • Medical test preparatory classes
  • Business English courses

Peer Educator Programme

The Peer Educator Programme provides a platform for interested students to develop their IT competency while interacting with their peers. This participatory approach to learning promotes leadership and communication skills among students, along with technological know-how.